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Pilates Practice at the Studio
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Pilates

A holistic approach to achieving long-term wellness and improving pelvic health.



Orthopedic Physical Therapy

  • running analysis

  • injury prevention

  • low back, hip, knee, ankle pain

  • reduced mobility/flexibility 

  • weight training 

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy


  • leaking with exercise, coughing, laughing, sneezing

  • increased urinary frequency

  • pelvic pain


Full body strengthening for mobility, body awareness, injury prevention, and learning to initiate movement from your core.  

  • mat

  • apparatus - reformer, cadillac, chairs, barrels


About Stephanie


My name is Stephanie Yeh, PT, DPT and I am a physical therapist and pilates instructor providing comprehensive care tailored to the individual. My aim is to be a guide on your personal journey to healing, wellness, and living a happy lifestyle. 


After some time working in the technology industry, I found myself dissatisfied with my career. Through a lot of soul searching I realized that I wanted to work with people on an individual level on solving problems that were most meaningful to them. In particular, I wanted to help people understand their  body's movement capabilities and optimize their participation in life's activities. I made a career switch and now blend years of experience in orthopedics and pelvic floor with my pilates practice towards solving hip and low back pain, pelvic pain, leakage, improving core strength, flexibility, and returning to sports. 


Often times, pelvic health conditions feel like something to "just live with" and is stigmatized to talk about. I provide a safe space for clients to feel heard and offer a partnership in guiding clients through their journey to healing and wellness. Let's get you back to running, lifting, family vacations, and everything in between.

Our Bodies Operate as a System of Systems

Everything in the body is connected. This means that a problem may appear in one area, such as the pelvis, but our sessions together will include a head to toe assessment. This includes looking at your core, back, hips, knees, feet, nutrition, sleep, and mental health to make sure all components of your body are working together to serve you. 

The Process

Healing and Growing is an Iterative Process 
Here is what you can expect when we work together. 

Step 1

Identify the Systems that Need the Most Love

Step 2

Build up that System

Step 3

Integrate Systems

The first step is to identify which systems are involved in the problem. Even if your main presentation is leakage, I'll look at the rest of your body to identify the root cause(s) and other factors that may be contributing. We will prioritize which system to address first and build a plan of care. This plan can range from 1-2 visits to 8 weeks.

The second step is to build up the system. We will execute on the plan from the first step and focus on developing one area. Examples include strengthening or stretching one area of the body, habit changes, nutrition, and sleep. Throughout this process, I will continue to re-assess progress and make adjustments to know whether we are being effective in our strategy or whether we need to pivot in the plan.

The next step is to integrate two or more systems to coordinate together. This could look like returning to running without leaking, or incorporating more hip engagement with lifting. This step will take many forms depending on your goals. 

Step 4

Circling Around Again

Your body will be continuously changing. At regular intervals, I will perform check-ins to assess goals we have achieved, how your body has changed, and update our plan to assure progress towards your next milestone. 

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